Experience a unique

Decentralized Experience

Epic Adventure

Enter a world of limitless adventure with The Six Dragons, an open-world RPG that draws inspiration from legendary titles of the past two decades. With a vast 256 km2 fantasy world, explore epic battles, farm valuable materials, and craft over 300 unique items.

Blockchain technology

The Six Dragons is taking RPG gaming to the next level with its groundbreaking use of blockchain technology. With nearly all in-game items being decentralized, players truly own their game assets, and can trade them with others, sell them for real-world value, and use them across different game universes.

Ultimate Protagonist

As the ultimate protagonist, you have the power to shape the game and capture value from your achievements. With a player-owned economy and diverse gameplay roles, The Six Dragons is more than just a game – it’s a world waiting to be explored. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and become the ultimate hero.


Km2-Long Vibrant World


uniquely crafted items


Billion Dungeons

Incredible Atmosphere

Experience the ultimate adventure as you immerse yourself in a boundless, vibrant open world that spans 256 km2.

Stunning battles

Face thrilling and epic battles against Tentalus, Daraeth, Qiris, Nubilum, Chievron, and Nagaroth – the six mighty dragons of realm.

Powerful enchants

In The Six Dragons, players can create their own NFT weapons and use powerful enchants to make them the ultimate tools for epic battles, and even trade them with other players to earn valuable rewards.

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