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Current Status, Efinity, Multiplayer

Following some months of amazing progress, I would like to explain where the game currently stands, including the progress of our roadmap, the challenges we faced along the way, and the bright plans for the game.

The Six Dragons: Real-time Blockchain Crafting & Enchanting is here!

Blockchain gaming never looked more exciting. Today we uncover some details on how our real-time blockchain crafting and enchanting mechanisms will work.

Deep Dive into Six Dragons' new Blockchain Crafting, Enchanting & Item leveling

The Six Dragons endeavors to be a true Open World RPG, so you can go anywhere you want to farm and explore.

Announcing The Six Dragons Alpha Waves!

Can't wait to start crafting while exploring mysterious villages, menacing dungeons and the bewildering nature across the 64 km²- long land of Nemberus? Do you want access early the first Open World RPG powered by blockchain? Here's what you need to know...