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Introducing Builds System and Workers

Character Builds After much thought about the class system we finally implemented the best option that will make The Six Dragons more fun and will fit everyo

Happy New Year!

A lot of updates occurred during the past month! You can check in the videos below: 1. First Person perspective 2. MiniMap 3. The New UI 4. Blood


So, the past 2 months were very productive! Here is a list of what happened: Social Updates: Website redesigned and made simpler and cleaner! Faceboo

Our Facebook Page!

Our Facebook Page is up and updated! Visit us for the latest updates! The Six Dragons Facebook Page  

Epic Drops are Epic!

I don't know about you, but when I play an RPG and have a Rare/Epic drop I m feeling over the top! So, today we started to implement some Epic Drops in-game! Ti

Game Status and September Plans!

So... Site is up, it's time to use it for some Game Updates! The majority of the mechanics are already implemented in-game, Crafting (Over 250 Recipes ATM),

Quest Creation

Quest Creation in Up and running. You can follow the steps and create your own Quest that has a chance to be implemented in the game! The Quests that will ma