Game Dev

The Six Dragons is a story about a Hero that strives to rescue the World from the most frightful Dragons ever existed.

The Game takes place in a Fantasy Open World where Dragons have conquered, and divided into six Areas. Those Areas have been modified according to the Dragon that controls it.

The Hero wakes up in a small Village that is hidden and not found by the Dragons and their minions, he does not remember how he got there and trying to understand the situation.

The Story becomes more complex when he realizes that the three Areas are the evil mirror of the other three.

Game Status and September Plans!

So... Site is up, it's time to use it for some Game Updates! The majority of the mechanics are already implemented in-game, Crafting (Over 250 Recipes ATM),

Quest Creation

Quest Creation in Up and running. You can follow the steps and create your own Quest that has a chance to be implemented in the game! The Quests that will ma