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“Enjin coin aims to revolutionize your gaming experience by enabling game developers to integrate blockchain technology into their games”

What is Enjin Coin?


Enjin Coin is a digital casting material that can be used to create in-game currencies, items, weapons, powerups, achievements, skins, characters, vehicles, real-estate, universes, levels, games, add-ons, AI pets, AI employees and so much more! Digital assets which are minted out of Enjin Coin are stored on the blockchain and gain many benefits that are usually reserved for cryptocurrencies.

What’s So Good About Blockchain-Backed Digital Assets?


Connecting economies — Enjin Coin enables assets and characters to be ported between games; continued story-lines, connected worlds, and empowering the development of digital multiverses.

In simple terms, once you’ve finished playing The Six Dragons, it will be possible for you to take your blockchain items and all your possessions to the market or to other games with connected economies. Or use items from other games and beat The Six Dragons!

Pocket Your Possessions — Instead of having to log on to game servers to view your digital assets, they will always be with you— stored safely in your Enjin Smart Wallet.

Peer-to-peer Trading — You can sell your items or trade them peer-to-peer. You will be able to use your items across platforms!

Game developers can also restrict trades to specific locations/people to create other interesting forms of gameplay.

Digital Asset Rental — You will be able to rent out your items for a profit, earning per-second fees, and automatically receiving them back once the rental period has expired.

Enjin Coin Backed Value — All of the digital assets are minted out of Enjin Coin; therefore, the Enjin Coin it is made from is held within. You can always melt your virtual items down and retrieve the Enjin Coin backed value to use for other purposes.

Proven Rarity for Collectibles – Developers can create unique items with limited supply that won’t be able to be minted again in the future. This feature connected can create valuable items for games through the item’s scarcity.

Enjin Multiverse – Players will be able to use their multiverse items in multiple gaming realms. A common set of items will be used across every game that enters the Enjin Multiverse. In different games these assets can will look and feel different and also developers can change their in-game function. But players will retain the control of the items that can deploy in more than 30 games.


To find out more:

Worlds Beyond Worlds – The First Gaming Multiverse Announcement : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdxpnPdSCZ4

What is a Blockchain-Powered Gaming Multiverse? : https://blog.enjincoin.io/what-is-a-gaming-multiverse-b8718f16aba7

Or visit https://enjincoin.io/




The Six Dragons and Enjin


The Six Dragons already implemented Wallet capabilities, Enchanting and Crafting on blockchain as you can see in the following video: