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Already wrote it in steam. I repost it here too.

The Six Dragons Forums Closed Alpha Phase – Bug Reporting Already wrote it in steam. I repost it here too.

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    Although i already posted in Steam what i thought and experienced, i re-post it here.
    I posted one first impression after an RQ but detailed and honest.
    And then i tried again and found out some other things, so here is the original and the correction lol:

    First Impression:

    I want to say something to this here to.
    I played a bit around so far and it makes real fun, as long as everything works.
    But i also have some minor issues.

    Firstly, its not a problem, that it cycles night and day fast, but at night, the sky is wayyyyy to bright. and everything else is way to dark. i know, we have a light-spell, but it also weakens you.
    But not only the sky is bright, the sprites when you gather are bright to.

    Going on to the second one.
    Combat. Yeah it is early early alpha, and i enjoy it kinda, i must admit.
    when you first know how it works, it makes sense and works pretty good. i got to level 7 before i got killed and tilted, more later.
    But yeah. Its almost critical to fight against 2 at once. Not that the Mobs do a lot of damage, but also you need as Mage at least 3 Attacks to kill one, and its slow as hell. With more mobs around, its almost impossible, to walk backwards and dont hitting a rock, that stops you, and kills you lol.
    Coming to one thing that is a bit.. tricky.
    I guess, this game is intended to be very hardcore oldschool and difficult.
    Thats cool, why not. But as soon as you enter a dungeon, you have no chance to get out there soon.
    Firstly, the Teleport does not work in Dungeons, so if you dont bring enough Drinks with you, you have a bad time. Secondly its freaking dark. Without the light-spell, you would not see anything, and even with the light-spell you barely can see. It is supposed to get you a bit scared of the mobs, lurking in the shadows, i dont mind that, but its dank dark and you dont even have a map to orientate.
    And now to the point that made me RQ.
    I was in the Dungeon. Got me some nice Materials.
    Then i saw through a gate a big glowing creature. And i thought, naah. Not tofay, not with level 6. not with 4 Mana and 6 Life Potions.
    so i went a bit more around, got almost level 7 and nothing more left, than the room with the huge creature and some fance glowing blue thingy.
    I thought to me, well,lets use the Scroll to get back home, save and get my loot.
    Wrong. Teleportation is not working down there.
    Hmm. How am i supposed to get out. I ran back to the entrance to test the scroll there. Nope. Nothing.
    I ran back to the Big Buddy. Saw, the Blue thingy is kinda Portal. So i guessed, this must be the way out. Sneaked around the big thing, and tried.
    Nope. No Interactions possible.
    I then got it. I need to kill that big fat thing. But like i said, even though i got to level 7 because i missed a mob, and even though the big thing was just 1 level higher. it maaaashed me to the ground.
    And the RQ happened, because there is no such thing as respawn. I was back to nothing.
    The point is.. Its not cool to run around and killing a million level 1-2 Mobs tp level up or run so far away from your hometown where you can safe, to get 2 levels up, but then out of nowhere killed and you need to start again.

    But in the End, its still a very good intention behind this game, and i guess. if you got huge Team behind your back, this Game would be extremely awesome.
    And, still, this is just feedback, to you, just to learn from what i and others experience.
    I will play it more and if i need to level up to level 20 before just trough normal mobs, then i will do it.

    Some little tweak, i guess you know about, but i will admit it too.
    When you harvest, you can see the Mouse and the whole Interface flies away and back in.
    Some buttons need to be pressed several times to get accepted.
    Hit delay and no experiencevalue is shown, wich would be nice. How much you need, how much you get.
    If you activate the Teleport Scroll from your Toolbar, you get the pop-up if you want to travel, but no mouse cursor, so this flies around top left and you cant Escape-it away. you need to open inventory and activate it from there.

    Like i said, i appreciate this game.
    There is much thought behind and the general idea is very very promising.
    I will keep looking and playing forward.
    Maybe we get some more questlines because of leveling, exp sources, but we should not levelcap when you have nothing for after implemented right now.
    Exploration and dungeons will do well at the moment.
    Maybe try to better out the lights ;P


    I must rewrite some things i written down.

    First about the Dungeons. It seems that i had an unlucky load, where it were so extremely dark, even with light-spell. I tried again and now i see everything. Much better. Maybe Game dont register when its dark outside its dark inside, i dont really know. Maybe it was just a bad load into the game.
    Second. I first wanted to say, you can cheese bosses in dungeons. Wich i could and did in the first one, i tried again. I was able to shot some fireballs form range without him even minding.
    But the second dungeon i was in, he chased me trough the whole dungeon and it was an awesome fight. hiding around corners, run back, fire, drink potions, heal.
    Of course its all clunky, and some time, i could land 1-2 Hits more than it should be, without him recognizing, but overall, very nice.
    Also at hitting level 8, you dont get 2 skill points. I dont know if this is intended, or not, but that hit me hard when i was leveling for a new skill.
    And are dungeons always randomized?

    Well some suggestions. Now that i saw the dungeons with light, at least way brighter than before, i saw the walls are just paperthin. Maybe you could do something about that (i know, alpha)
    Also, i would like to see a kinda newer take on mana and life. Maybe something like bloodborne. popping some red and blue stuff instead of drinking. Could be something, but its not neccesary.
    In the End, the Drops of Loot are very random. i got a legendary staff out of a level 1 spider, and just a health potion out of a boss. Maybe some changes, altough its cool, so you get energized while grinding.
    And let the bosses give a little more exp. i was level 9, he was level 11 or so. I not even got 1/6 of my exp bar. Should be a bit higher.

    Alright, i hope that gets you on the right way.
    Like it so far.



    there is a experience bar its the greenish bar under the hot button bar its very hard to see i would love to see the greenish color changed to something much more colorful maybe Yellow. but i do understand your pain about the portal not working if the boss is up. i recently did a dungeon i killed the boss and a larger flame looking wolf spawned in its place. i killed it and the flame demon respawned again. needless to say i didnt get out of the portal dungeon due to that very same thing. it was a rare portal. but the multiple boss spawns really hurt bad.



    Constructive criticism, love it 🙂 and this is the reason of the Alpha, to get the feeling from the players.

    so let’s start breaking down your thoughts.

    1) Saving everywhere is something I see many ask for it, but if you think about it then it’ll be just too easy. The game is intended to give you better loot when you go far away(this will be implemented as danger areas) and in dungeons which means that if you risk going that far, you might lose your new loot if you die, if you can save any time that takes some critical mechanics away.

    As I said in another post though, I’m thinking of an easy mode as well as a hard mode (normal is what you play now. Easy mode = you save everywhere and easier fights, Hardcore mode = 1 save with autosave on some occasions with harder monsters. I might need to take this path and already designing it on paper.

    2) The thin wall-wall dungeon was the first prototype, if you go in more portals you ‘ll find the good looking one. The old one will be revamped by a lot, but I still have it in this alpha so I test some randomly generated stuff regarding dungeons.

    Also, day/night cycle is a mistake by me in the last update, I had it too fast changing to test some new mechanics, will be fixed in the next update, also it will be a bit brighter at night due to the moonlight.

    3) Boss fights get harder and AI is getting better for them as you level up, also the world minions have basic AI and the new AI is in the works, along with groups with healers etc. Don’t be afraid, the player will also be able to have his own companions that can equip them with AI (check NPC AI in workbench) which is something I never saw in a game and it’s challenging to make it work and implement it in game, but also fun to play with. You will be able to make your group with companions that you make their AI as you want, you can have 2 healers and a mage with you, or 3 mages and go rampage. To craft, these AI you ‘ll need materials from specific hard bosses.

    That said, about some boss fights being clunky, and not chasing you are some bugs that will be fixed soon. Maybe next update you ‘ll have all bosses like the one you loved fighting. And yes dungeons are always randomized.

    About the portal not working if you don’t kill the boss, again this is intentional because high-tier crafts need Ore that you can only find in dungeons.

    will post this reply on steam also 🙂

    edit: A new update is already uploading that fixes the day-night cycle/brightness and a fast boss tweak. 🙂

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    out of curiosity how many boss monsters can spawn in a dungeon back to back to back? i would love to know so I can better plan/prepair for it.



    Encountered something very frustrating right now.
    I entered a Portal, fought me trough it, barely had any hp potions left, got to the boss. he respawned 3 Times and every mob i killed respawned too during that time. very very unfair death tbh.
    That are some issues wich either need to be adressed to be intended or to be fixed.



    3 times respawn doesn’t sound right. Will check. It should just spawn once.

    edit: yes I think I found the bug, uploading a quick fix now.

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