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    These are the games that I played since 20+ years ago till today, influenced me and made me want to make The Six Dragons.

    Post your stories about the games that made you stay awake!



    Many hours trying to figure out how Warcraft 2 works as a 10 year old kid, countless hours trying to go through the Diablo 2 universe as a 12 year old kid, a bit of Oblivion, innumerable hours grinding in Lineage 2 at the age of 13 until… now. I still play sometimes :P. Quite a few hours in World of Warcraft! (Still got a running subscription).
    I think those are the games I played the most! However I have a small collection of around 530 games on steam, a few CD/DVDs, Origin games etc. I just don’t have enough time to spend on gaming anymore. Which is sad 😛

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    I will have to admit that i am pretty recent to this kind of games…
    Before i was more like the NEED FOR SPEED and FIFA kind of guy.
    But in 2005 it was Lineage II that rocked my world… Clan leader, Ally leader and Hero in numerous private servers got me so addicted to this game! I loved it.
    DOTA followed in order to make some breaks for the endless grinding of L2.
    And now, It is replaced by LOL. Even if i dont have anymore that much time to spend, its nice to play some games 🙂



    Hi, Lineage 2 is my favourite game, when i was reading about crafting and blessed enchant scrolls i remind about this game 🙂 I stopped playing many years ago. Siege system and olympiad is something that i never found in any game, and that was the best thing in this game 🙂 Cheers

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