New Currency and Celestial Shop is coming!

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Good day Everyone, 

As a gamer myself for the past 20 years, my main issue with games (especially RPGs) was grinding without feeling that I rewarded what I deserved but at the same time if I was rewarded too much I was getting bored. To bring this balance to The Six Dragons a new shop is introduced along with a new currency, Celestial!

As the Testers/Patrons already know, you need to enter dungeon instances to acquire the epic materials and recipes to craft these end game weapons/armors, but the chance to get them is limited and sometimes you might be lucky and get all you need in some runs, but it could happen the opposite way, this is how variance works. Now a new Quest System (more on this next week, you’ll love it) is coming to dungeons, that you will be getting Quests inside the dungeons and completing them will reward you with the new Celestial currency that you will be able to use in the Celestial Shop. As you might already figure, at this shop you will be able to buy all these shiny recipes/materials to craft the end-game items. So if you are not lucky getting that last recipe to complete your Armor Set, you can gather Celestial and buy it form the Celestial Shop!

The new shop along with the dungeon Quest System is expected to be available to Testers and Patrons in a couple of weeks!

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