Sunday 02 September 2018

Good day Everyone, welcome to Devlog #9 about The Six Dragons development. 



  • Winter is here
  • New Weather system
  • Arenas
  • New skills
  • Performance Improvements
  • General Bug/Fixes


One of the biggest updates till now for The Six Dragons! After months in development and little updates due to Engine improvements/upgrades and Xbox One start of implementation. So here we go:


Winter is here!

Finally, the Winter areas are implemented in the game, Snowy trees/grass, Ice monsters, snow particles and other winter events are started to appear in the huge world of The Six Dragons!


New Weather System

After the winter areas, a new weather system had to be implemented, a more dynamic environment that enhances the player’s immersion and makes you feel a more real environment.



A newly introduced mechanic, similar to dungeons but to a more “Arena trials” feel. The player will need Arena crystals to enter the Arena and will face random bosses that are a lot harder than regular dungeons and will be used as a way of acquiring end game loot and test your strength/skills. Arenas will have 1 to 5 Bosses and even though each boss will drop loot, finishing the entire Arena will have bonus Epic Loot.

New Skills


3 more skills are added, which are snowy Damage/CC wizard skills.








All these will be available in the monthly update on 01/09/2018 and Patrons at Game-Tester and above tiers can play the game already!


 That’s it guys and girls! Hope you liked this Blog and I would like suggestion/comments to make it better! Find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Patreon.

Have a nice Weekend!