Game Status and September Plans!

So… Site is up, it’s time to use it for some Game Updates!

The majority of the mechanics are already implemented in-game, Crafting (Over 250 Recipes ATM), Harvesting (every Tree, Plant, Metal Node are harvestable), Formulas (Damage, Crit. Damage, Hit Chance are some of them), Questing, Hero Animations, Some of the monsters Battle AI and much more.

After finishing with the FB Page, Twitter, and Website, the main plan until the end of September, is the first game trailer that will show the core mechanics mentioned above. Meanwhile, some work in progress is the Day/Night and Seasons Cycle, Game Areas,  Dungeons, Formulas balancing, Monster Animations and Battle AI.

Quest mechanics are also implemented, if you would like to be a part of the game making, start by writing your own Quest.  All the Quests that will make it into the game will win a digital copy of The Six Dragons without any raffle.