Patreon launch!

Hello Everyone,

This is the Game Designer/Developer of The Six Dragons and a passionate gamer like you. TSD is in the making for the past year and a half, on my spare time.

My initial thinking is to have Patreon rewards to give access to monthly/weekly alpha stage of the game according to Patreon level, and higher level rewards that will include a subscription in project planner so you can also get involved more and influence the making of TSD.

Why I made this Campaign you ask…?

I m thinking about Patreon for a long time now, but last week something “weird” happened.
2 months ago I applied for a Games Festival in my Country to introduce TSD for the first time, not hoping for much, suddenly I got an e-mail saying that application is accepted, my booth number and some details.

I panicked.

But decided to give it a shot and for the purpose of the event, I got a week off of my day-job and started working on a demo. What I realized working full time is that I made so much more progress than I had the whole previous month, and more.

The hard work paid off and the event was a success, TSD featured on many local sites and streams, and people enjoyed playing it.

That clicked something and here I am, trying to make this full-time and create something spectacular with your help, not only financial-wise but also with ideas and influence.

Thank you all for considering becoming a Patron, and I will be as consistent as possible with updates and involvement.