Sound Designer on board!

Saturday 04 June 2018


Good day Everyone, 

Some under-the-hood work is happening on The Six Dragons right now and not something fancy to announce this past month!

But I would like to introduce you to an outsource Sound Designer that is working on completely new Sound FX for all enemies in the game!

Wilson Yeung is a Music Composer / Sound designer who has experience creating and implementing Music and Audio assets for various games including Cube Tilt and Gjallarhorn. Wilson has background on orchestral and choral music, however, he believes in order to create an effective soundtrack both sound design and music should work together. What is important to Wilson is crafting an immersive sonic space either through Music or Sound itself to convey emotion.

Soon you will be able to listen to the new sounds and many changes that coming to the pre-beta version of the game, which you can play if you are a Patron!


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