Steam Update 1.0 is out!

Wednesday 06 March 2019

Good day Everyone, 

The Six Dragons monthly update is on Steam for Patrons and Alpha testers and it is huge!


  • New Weapons – Maces
  • Set Bonuses
  • Ability Bonuses
  • Armor Enchants
  • Armor Specialization
  • Warehouse
  • World Graphical Improvements
  • Performance Improvements
  • Item Descriptions
  • Set Requirements
  • UI Improvements


New Weapons – Maces

Maces are implemented in-game, which makes them a more balanced weapon for hybrid classes vs Staffs and Swords which are favoring Wizards and Warrior play-styles respectively.

Set Bonuses

Now you can complete Armor sets and get extra bonuses!

Ability Bonuses

Classes as you already know are open in The Six Dragons, you can choose/learn any ability by acquiring AP(Ability Points) while leveling up and spend them as you like in the Talent Tree. The more abilities you choose from a specific tree the more you are creating a Class. So for example, if you go full Wizard abilities, you ‘ll get bonuses favoring this Class! Have fun mixing skills and creating 100s of variations 🙂

Armor Specialization

You can now acquire a new Item called Armor Specialization and specialize your armor to your play-style! Again mixing Ability Bonuses with Armor specialization can create unique classes and many play-styles! An Armor Specialization removal item will also be available if you changed your mind. These items will be available from drops but also in the new Celestial Shop that will be implemented soon! There is no chance to break/lose your Armor by doing this.

Armor Enchants

Like Weapons, now Armor can be also be enchanted to pump up the stats. Remember that there is a possibility to break/lose the item by using Enchant scrolls.


You can store items in your warehouse, it will only be available in the first village (for now)!


As always our alpha-testers and patrons will get this update via Steam, if you are one of them please post your opinions in our Forums. If you want to play the game now as an Early Tester join our Patreon! As you can imagine, this update is huge (2.5gb+) so be patient while downloading 🙂 I did my best so that previous saves will not get harmed by this update.

Have a nice day!

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