The Six Dragons – Pre-Sale Item details

May 9

We would like to describe the Items available in the Pre-Sale campaign starting on 13 of May 18:00 UTC, their backing and how they will work with the game. For more info about the presale visit and subscribe to get notified when the presale is active:

Recipes — Designs

The Recipes in this pre-sale are having 2 uses and they are rarer than the full items to find.

They are carved with E.A (Early Adopter edition) and this edition will only be available in the presale.

By using 5x materials (as described in you will be able to craft an E.A edition of the Item from the pool (again described in the previously mentioned article).

Then the recipe converts to a Design, which you can use to craft the item forever, but not the E.A edition, and by using all the items needed in-game.

Critical chance available when crafting, again, more in the article above.


These are full Items and you will be able to use them in-game, they are carved with E.A (Early Adopter edition) on the upper left, and this edition will only be available in the presale.

Swords: 100x Fearblade(Rare-20Enj), 50x Azurewrath(Epic-50Enj), 10x Azalie(Legendary-200Enj), 2x Dragon’s Sword(Dragonforged-10000Enj)

Staffs: 100x Silence(Rare-20Enj), 50x Illusion(Epic-50Enj), 10x Requiem(Legendary-200Enj)

Maces: 100x Ataraxia(Rare-20Enj), 50x Pride(Epic-50Enj), 10x Oathbreaker(Legendary-200Enj)


An Armor set consists of 5 pieces, Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Leggings, and Boots. Having a complete set grants you additional bonuses and abilities. Each piece is carved with E.A (Early Adopter edition) and this edition will only be available in the presale.

100x Faith Armor Set (Rare-50Enj total)

50x Ethereal Armor Set (Epic-100Enj total)

10x Majestic Armor Set (Legendary-250Enj total)

2x Immortal Armor Set (Dragonforged-10000Enj total)


A Jewel set consists of 3 pieces, Amulet, Ring, and Rune. Like Armor, having a complete set grants you additional bonuses and abilities and they are carved with E.A.

100x Kyanite Jewel Set (Rare-30Enj total)

50x Topaz Jewel Set (Epic-60Enj total)

10x Majestic Jewel Set (Legendary-150Enj total)

2x Immortal Jewel Set (Dragonforged-6000Enj total)


Materials will be available to craft the E.A items with the recipes described above and are the following:

750x Rare Essense(4Enj), 450x Rare Gem(2Enj), 750x Rare Skin(2Enj)

300x Epic Essense(10Enj), 300x Epic Gem(5Enj), 300x Epic Skin(5Enj

75x Legendary Essense(40Enj), 75x Legendary Gem(10Enj), 125x Legendary Skin(10Enj)

As you might already figure out, 5x material equals the total crafted item’s backing, so as described in our previous article about crafting, these 5 materials will be “consumed” to get your Item, and you will have the same total backing on the full item. Materials will be having 1–4Enj fee each when crafting (by sending them to the pool seamlessly) and will be the way The Six Dragons will be funded so we can keep replenishing the pool and operate.


2 types of enchanting available in The Six Dragons.

  1. Enchant scrolls
  2. Attribute enchant scrolls

For details, you can go on our previous article here:

but as a general note, Enchant Scrolls will have a chance succeeding and level your Item (Weapon, Armor, Jewel) from 0 to maximum 10, while Attribute enchant scrolls (Fire and Thunder scrolls available in the presale) are 100% succeed and can be used once on a weapon only, and you keep the attribute forever. The Enj backing of the scrolls that are consumed is added back to the item.

Both of these types can stack, meaning you can have a Sword +5 Fire but are limited to 1 attribute per weapon. The following available in the presale and are backed by 5Enj each:

1200x Enchant Scrolls 66%(Rare), 600x Eternal Enchant Scrolls 80%(Epic), 300x Blessed Enchant Scrolls 100%(Legendary), 300x Fire Scroll(Legendary), 300x Thunder Scroll(Legendary). The backing is equal to everything for in-game purposes. Enchants will have 2Enj transfer fee for the same reason as the materials.

Special Founder’s Token

50x SFTs will be available out of the 120 total, backed by 50Enj each, you gain access to a private channel in our discord, you get airdrops, and most importantly you gain increased chance on Enchanting and Critical Crafting in-game. SFT as the MFT will always be transferable, but the new owner has to be verified by us to transfer some of the perks (like the discord exclusive channel)

Arena Crystals

2300x Arena Crystals will be available and are used to enter the Epic Enjin Arena which has a better chance to drop blockchain Items.


  1. Full Items E.A supply is what you see above plus the pool supply (~ 30%-50% more) for the crafting purposes of the presale
  2. Materials and most consumables will have infinite supply to accommodate the needs of the game by replenishing the pool, monthly calculations will be occurred to the active player base to replenish/melt items to reflect their rarity.
  3. The total backing of the items in the pre-sale is ~150k Enjin
  4. Every contributor will have a chance to win a 10k Dragon’s sword (the 2nd one) and plenty of other prizes. Check the Contributors section in our pre-sale page

more info: