Updates – Engine/NPCs/World Bosses

Welcome, Everyone!

There was a 2-month pause since we last updated you, the reasons are, firstly the big update on the game engine, transferring the whole project on Unity3D 5.6 along with the assets etc. and secondly a big game design change that will talk about in a bit.

The Engine update has many advantages and it was mandatory, mainly the NavMesh changes on Unity3D 5.6 make it possible to have Navigation on runtime generated parts of the world, which is a must for The Six Dragons, among with some other things that will make the game look better and run faster, like the post-processing tools.

Now, the big design change has to do with the NPCs that we spoke a bit in the last Blog update, the Workers. After much thought, the decision was to have these NPCs for multiple uses, so now these NPCs, when you “rent” them, have a full working inventory, equipment slots, ability slots, learning ability, and you can speak to them and choose what their use would be, choosing from Worker, Hunter, Follower etc.

  • Workers will go out in the woods searching for the goods you ask them for (Wood, Metal etc. as we discussed in the previous blog).
  • Hunters will hunt in the land for monsters and get you back the loot they pick up, the fun part here is that they actual fight the monsters you would fight, and the pickup from the same loot table.
  • Followers will follow you in battle with pre-defined equipment/skills/abilities that you choose to help you in some fights.

Every time one NPC dies, you have a certain amount of time to resurrect him with a special item, or you lose him forever.

The NPCs will have access to the same equipment as the player, and you can have up to 5 followers to form a party of 6. You can upgrade their stats/slots and learn more abilities by using special items dropped from World Bosses, that are too difficult to kill alone.

This Game design will encourage players to feel like they have their party and lead them to battle, and that part of the game will be like a side part of it, that you choose how heavy you will invest in it, and you will not be able to have them with you at all parts of the game.

Also, more roles of the NPCs will be introduced later in the game.

Finally, some graphical updates and skill effects, which you will understand at first sight for sure!

Photos and a Video showing all these updates will be available soon.