So, the past 2 months were very productive! Here is a list of what happened:

Social Updates:

  1. Website redesigned and made simpler and cleaner!
  2. Facebook Page redesigned, content added, and people showed a lot of interest!
  3. Twitter Page Activated, content is added!


Game Updates:

  1. Main Story is almost finished! A lot of depth and twists have been added!
  2. Main theme music track composed, and is EPIC!
  3. First Video trailer with gameplay is underway, and you will get to listen to the music track also!
  4. New Level Design Created by Sykoo (Well know level designer, check him out on youtube!)
  5. New skills added, also brand new animations are being created!
  6. Enemy balancing for Damage/Defences/Loot Tables, a mathematical scheme is created to keep the fights always challenging and rewarding.


So what is going to happen from now on?

After the Big hustle of creating the Social Media pages and getting the project team on track it’s time to show off the Game! We are creating a game demo right now so we can have good gameplay footage and update you with as much visual content as possible.

For starters there will be a video trailer featuring gameplay so you can see some mechanics that are already implemented. Here is a list of what will be in this gameplay video:

  1. Harvesting and Crafting – Full coverage of Harvesting materials and Craft System.
  2. Ability Tree / AP Acquirement – Ability system and Ability Points acquirement and how they’re spent on abilities.
  3. Weapons/Armors – We will start showing some Weapons and Armors that can be looted or crafted!
  4. Fighting – We will have some Fighting footage, with skills, damage, defense!
  5. The World! – You will get to see some footage of the huge and beautiful world of The Six Dragons!
  6. Music – You take a taste of the Epic Music The Six Dragons will have!

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Updates!