Weekly Blog #4

Sunday 03 December 2017

Hello Everyone, welcome to the Weekly blog #4 about The Six Dragons development. 


This week’s goal was to have the first In-Development build on Steam for Patrons on the 1st of December, I worked on skills the first 3 days so I can introduce as many as I can with more polished effects and balanced stats.

I managed to finish 9 Skills for Wizzard, 9 for Warrior and 9 for Cleric, which was 3 more for each class tree from the last week’s goal.


I took some time off from my day-job to be able to finish the build and upload it on Friday 1st, so I had time to prepare some stuff before exporting a build.

The most day passed by with small additions and fixes, some main menu changes and player’s inventory etc.


On Friday I refined the hacknplan.com page for Influencer Patrons, so I could invite them, then uploaded to Steam and sent out the Keys!

Hacknplan will be the gateway so I can communicate with the Patrons for bugs, feature requests etc.


What a day, had 23 items in hacknplan bugs list! Well, that was expected, so I started working on the game right away, and that was the reason for this blog’s delay for a day. I had a lot of help from Birdie, an Influencer which stayed on Discord for many hours and helped me as a tester. The main feature that I changed is the Targeting system, now it is more visible because it’s on top of the Enemy and not on the ground.

A quick blog post this week, but I need to get back to development ASAP and narrow down the bug list 😀

 That’s it guys and girls! Hope you liked this Blog and I would like suggestion/comments to make it better! Find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Have a nice Weekend!