Governance NFTs + EA Dragons special

Limited Presale

Presale Ended!

You can buy your NFTs from our Marketplace

1155 Governance NFTs will ever be minted

You can pre-register a user account and add your Ethereum address in the account details. Website accounts are different from in-game accounts. Website presale will have a head-start since the listings need to be put manually on the marketplaces.

Presale ends Tuesday 05 Jan 2021 8:00pm CET / 11:00am PT


It’s been more than a year!

Since we announced the transition of The Six Dragons to the wonderful world of Blockchain, and it was the right decision! The Six Dragons featuring the deepest Blockchain integration with dynamic real-time crafted/enchanted Blockchain Items, Blacksmiths, a huge world to explore, which now is 4x bigger (256km2), and recently released the Open Alpha for players to enjoy the game! And now it’s time, for the players to get even more involved in expanding The Six Dragons!

Governance NFTs

Governance NFTs are erc1155 tokens, which support any regular Ethereum wallet, and as a holder you will receive various benefits including:

  • Yield Farming: Earn fees from on-chain game mechanics
  • Voting Power: Ability to vote for proposed gameplay changes and development priorities
  • Governor Status

Yield Farming

Holders of TSD Governance NFTs will earn a percentage of all on-chain mechanics in-game, such as crafting/enchanting/off-chain to blockchain equipment trading.

Each NFT will count as a percentage of a tax-like system, which will calculate user earnings and deposit them to the Ethereum wallet holding the NFT. Earnings will be distributed in TSDT, a utility token pegged 1:1 with Enjin Coin (ENJ).
Players will be able to convert their TSDT tokens to Enjin Coin without leaving the game. Giving them a unique and streamlined play-to-earn experience.
To increase their revenue potential, players can hold more than 1 NFT in the same wallet.

TSDT rewards are erc1155 as well so they will be transferred to your Ethereum wallet that holds the Governance NFTs. You will only need to be in the game to exchange them to Enjin by 1:1, but we are working on a platform to do so outside of the game as well.
Percentage of the “tax”that NFTs will be at the range of 10% (not final till v1.0) and will not take in account the  gas fees that the game will pays (efinity will lower these a. lot)

Governance Voting

Our development team will open many aspects of gameplay to Governor votes.

Every TSD Governance NFT will count as 1 vote, and the winning propositions will be the suggested ones to be implemented into the game.

Aspects of the gameplay that will be voted on will vary, from some ranges of rates/difficulty/stats and other gameplay mechanics, up to suggestions on what development updates should be prioritized.
Governor votes will function as suggestions that will give us insight into what users want and assist us in better tailoring the game according to their needs.

Governor Status

A new status will be attributed to TSD Governance NFT holders that will give them a new color name, and other planned perks that will make them known as Governors.
f the player removes the NFT from their wallet, their governor status will be lost.

For more details check our latest medium announcement

We plan to set these perks live when the infrastructure is ready along with the release of v1.0 which is estimated for the first half of 2021.

Dragon mounts!

Top contributors will be rewarded with EA (Early Adopters) Dragons, which will be the only EA versions of these NFTs that will ever be created.

Our top contributor will receive:

  • 1x Special Founder’s Token
  • 1x Nagaroth Dragon EA 
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

The top 2-3 will receive:

  • 1x Special Founder’s Token
  • 1x Chievron Dragon EA 
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

The top 4-10 will receive:

  • 1x Special Founder’s Token
  • 1x Nubilum Dragon EA
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

The top 11-20 will receive:

  • 1x Qiris Dragon EA
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

The top 21-50 will receive:

  • 1x Deraeth Dragon EA
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

The top 51-100 will receive:

  • 1x Tentalus Dragon EA
  • 1x Multiverse Founder’s Token

Governor NFTs top contributors

1. 22 
2. 8 
3. 8 
4. 7
5. 6 
6. 5 
7. 5 
8. 5 
9. 4 
10. 4

Winners will be determined by their ETH Address, so no more info will be needed to be provided for the contributors rewards to be distributed. Cannot combine multiple ETH Addresses. Counting will be happening exactly 24 hours after the end of the presale (05/January/2021 20:00 CET / 11:00am PT). After the end of the presale, remaining Governance NFTs will be sold separetely with any method the BlockPegnio Ltd. decides but at proven same/higher value as the presale.

Only contributions to the original dev wallets will count. Dev wallets: 0xCEb911dC041f8cEEaFeEcdE3D24B6cF1962dFf12, 0xc047d3e0fa9820a363edcc0d6d9bf6d9c7ce65df, 0xfe2Cd94532Bd0c14167EF05E06121D77aaDd82E1 and of course our web marketplace

​​You need to hold the NFTs to be counted towards the contribution rewards

Dragons will be available in-game in H1 2021 mainly as mounts, but more usability will be announced later. The EA versions of the Dragons will only be available through this presale

What will the Presale money be used for?

Our first Pre-Sale was a blast with half of it gone in 1 day, and the rest sold out in less than 2 weeks, and we delivered everything we promised and much more! It’s now time for our 2nd Pre-Sale that will help the game advance to Multiplayer and migrate to PlayStation!