Dragonforged Chest Lv1

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Open this chest for a chance to get highly valuable assets from The Six Dragons such as The Governance NFT, VIP Lifetime Subscription as well as Lv1 Recipes, Materials,  Arena Crystals and Dungeon Keys!

The Chest drops 8 items in total.

General Items (included in all Lv Dragonforged Chests):

Items exclusive to this Chest:

  • Lv1 Materials (Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • Lv1 Recipes (Epic, Legendary)
  • Lv1 Arena Crystals
  • Lv1 Dungeon Keys
  • Enchant Scrolls (Weapon & Armor)

The General items are included in all Six Dragonforged Chests and you have an equal chance of getting them across all Six different level Dragonforged Chests.

You can see the opening of the items of your chests live on Discord here.

After the chest is opened, the assets will be automatically minted to your wallet.

You can view the chances you have of getting each item included in this chest by using the following command on the Discord channel #chest-opener:

Open Chances Lv1

Important notice: Please make sure you have included your wallet address in your account-details in order for the order to be completed and for the items to be minted to your wallet. It will take approximately 15 mins for the opening process to start.