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Make Your Own Quest!


Main Story Quest aside, The Six Dragons will include many side quests. We have included a Quest Application on this page that you will be able to write your own Quest.


The Quests that will make it into the game will win a Digital Copy of The Six Dragons when it gets released!

  1. Read The Game page and get the feeling of the game. Create side Quests that are in the same setup as The Six Dragons.

Write down the Story and the Name of your Quest. ex.

First Craft

The Hero just arrived the village, we must guide him. Let’s start by teaching him how to Craft a Weapon.


Create the Name(s) of your NPC(s) that our Hero will interact and their Dialogues. ex.


Quest Giver: NPC – Balter

Quest Receiver : Hero




Balter: Hello Hero, you seem new around here. Let me show you  how to craft a Silver Sword.

Hero: Ok, I’m ready to learn.

Balter: First of all, we need resources. Bring me 10 Wood and 5 Metal.

Hero: Ok, here they are.

Balter: Good, now go to this forge and craft your Silver Sword and bring it back to me.

Hero: Here you are.

Balter: That’s a fine Silver Sword, here take 50 gold.


And that’s how you write a dialogue. don’t spend time figuring out the requirements needed and the rewards. Just place them as a Place-Holder.

Step 4 – Create Your Quest