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You can find Weapons, Armor, Jewels, Materials, Recipes and Misc inside the chest. Dragon's Chest can drop 2 up to 4 Items and has aprx. 2.2x increased drop rate on the most valuable Items compared to Eternal Chests


Rare Fearblade
Rare Silence
Rare Ataraxia
Epic Azurewrath
Epic Illusion
Epic Pride
Legendary Azalie
Legendary Requiem
Legendary Oathbreaker
Dragonforged Dragon's Sword


Rare Faith Helmet
Rare Faith Gloves
Rare Faith Chest
Rare Faith Leggings
Rare Faith Boots
Epic Ethereal Helmet
Epic Ethereal Gloves
Epic Ethereal Chest
Epic Ethereal Leggings
Epic Ethereal Boots
Legendary Majestic Helmet
Legendary Mejestic Gloves
Legendary Majestic Chest
Legendary Majestic Leggings
Legendary Majestic Boots
Dragonforged Immortal Helmet
Dragonforged Immortal Gloves
Dragonforged Immortal Chest
Dragonforged Immortal Leggings
Dragonforged Immortal Boots


Rare Kyanite Amulet
Rare Kyanite Ring
Rare Kyanite Rune
Epic Topaz Amulet
Epic Topaz Ring
Epic Topaz Rune
Legendary Majestic Amulet
Legendary Majestic Ring
Legendary Majestic Rune
Dragonforged Immortal Amulet
Dragonforged Immortal Ring
Dragonforged Immortal Rune


Rare Faith Helmet Recipe
Rare Faith Gloves Recipe
Rare Faith Chest Recipe
Rare Faith Leggings Recipe
Rare Faith Boots Recipe
Rare Kyanite Amulet Recipe
Rare Kyanite Ring Recipe
Rare Kyanite Rune Recipe
Rare Fearblade Recipe
Rare Silence Recipe
Rare Ataraxia Recipe
Epic Ethereal Helmet Recipe
Epic Ethereal Gloves Recipe
Epic Ethereal Chest Recipe
Epic Ethereal Leggings Recipe
Epic Ethereal Boots Recipe
Epic Topaz Amulet Recipe
Epic Topaz Ring Recipe
Epic Topaz Rune Recipe
Epic Azurewrath Recipe
Epic Illusion Recipe
Epic Pride Recipe
Legendary Majestic Helmet Recipe
Legendary Mejestic Gloves Recipe
Legendary Majestic Chest Recipe
Legendary Majestic Leggings Recipe
Legendary Majestic Boots Recipe
Legendary Majestic Amulet Recipe
Legendary Majestic Ring Recipe
Legendary Majestic Rune Recipe
Legendary Azalie Recipe
Legendary Requiem Recipe
Legendary Oathbreaker Recipe


Rare Essence
Rare Gem
Rare Matter
Epic Essence
Epic Gem
Epic Matter
Legendary Essence
Legendary Gem
Legendary Matter


Rare Enchant Scroll(66%)
Epic Eternal Enchant Scroll(80%)
Epic Arena Crystal
Legendary Blessed Enchant Scroll(100%)
Legendary Fire Scroll
Legendary Thunder Scroll
Dragonforged Special Founder's Token