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Waking up in the middle of nowhere, seemingly unconscious of what is happening around him, the hero remembers nothing of his previous life.

Peasants and fighters inform him about the situation… his world is taken over by six fierce dragons who have not only conquered the peaceful areas of Nemberus, but have also corrupted and transformed three of them into dark mirror areas, where the dragons, darkness and forgotten human spirits reign.

Their only hope is to resist, but how can they possibly beat such creatures? Follow the story of the hero, as he unfolds his past, discovers secrets regarding dragons and finally, fulfills his destiny.


By gamers, For gamers”. That’s exactly what The Six Dragons is. Our 20 years RPG experience and your feedback into a Game.
Our plans include a huge Open World, a good Story, hundreds of Weapons/Armors, in-depth Crafting, rewarding Exploring, challenging Fights.
We would also like to include your ideas in the game, so we started by creating the Quest Creation section. More sections like this will follow.

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Crafting is a big part of the game as you collect resources from all around the world such as Wood, Metal, Plants from every Tree, Metal Node, Greenery you find, and use them to Craft Weapons, Armor, Potions, Runes etc.

Crafting will also be the only way to gain the end game Weapons that require ingredients from Dragons and other Bosses.

Critical crafts are also implemented in-game for acquiring higher Tier Weapons and Armors (which can also be dropped from world monsters).


Exploring is a fun way to see the World while searching for treasures that are randomly spawned around it. 

Treasure Chests’ loot will range from cheap Materials and Potions up to Epic Tier Weapons and Armor.


The player will have plenty of ways to progress in-game. Leveling will be achieved via monsters killing, Quests, Crafting. Equipment will be gained from Monsters and Bosses, Treasure Chests, and finally Crafting.