Announcing The Six Dragons Alpha Waves!

Announcing The Six Dragons Alpha Waves!

Can’t wait to start crafting while exploring mysterious villages, menacing dungeons and the bewildering nature across the 64 km²- long land of Nemberus? Do you want access early the first Open World RPG powered by blockchain? Here’s what you need to know…

Alpha testing will be an iterative and dynamic process, however, all your game items will be on Ethereum Mainnet and linked with your Enjin Wallet.

Two months after our chart-topping presale that sold out in less than two weeks, The Six Dragons team has been working really hard on the alpha release. We are excited with the way things are shaping up, from gameplay mechanics to the seamless blockchain integration. The main goal for the upcoming alpha is not only to stress the operational capacity of the game and fix bugs but also to balance the game economy and hear what our early supporters have to say about the game.

Before we venture into the alpha details…

Even though we’d love to invite you all from day one, we need to prioritize security, quality assurance, and stress-testing while honoring the precious contribution of some early community members. Because of this, we decided to give access to players in batches, or as we call them Alpha Waves, to ensure an efficient and fair inclusion of the community. In total, we will host 6 waves, with each of them having different access criteria.

Getting started with The Six Dragons early access

Wave 1: Available internally and to our Security testers
Wave 2: Top 12 presale Contributors + Selected Community Members
Wave 3: Top 13–70 presale Contributors+ Special Founder Token (SFT) holders + Media Partners
Wave 4: Rest of the presale contributors
Wave 5: Multiverse Founders’ Token holders (MFT)

If you tick one of the boxes above, then get ready to join the party. Want to experience the game, but don’t meet the early access criteria for waves 2–5? Don’t worry, you can either acquire from other players one of our founder tokens that will grant you access to Wave 3 or 5 or hang on until Wave 6 that will be open for everyone. If you are eligible for the waves 2–5, we will post more information in due time. All you need is be willing to TEST, TEST, and TEST.

Some F.A.Q for the Alpha Waves

  • I am eligible for access to the early waves, when exactly I can play the game?

The actual duration of those periods is contingent with the success of the testing and the side-chain provision from Enjin. We are pretty confident about our capabilities, and we will honor the wave system, however, we can’t give specific dates yet, especially for the latter alpha waves, apart of course from our existing commitment for a Q4 2019 Alpha release. We want to quickly give access to all of you, hence each wave will last the shortest time possible until we feel comfortable to proceed.

  • What gameplay experience should I expect during the alpha waves?

An enormous piece of uncharted land (64 km² of open world), countless dungeons and so much crafting and enchanting that will keep you busy for many hours.

  • Can I link my Enjin Wallet use my Blockchain tokens during alpha?

YES, YES, and YES! The alpha will fully run on mainnet which means that you will not only be able to use the items you hold in your Enjin wallet (e.g. armors, weapons, jewelry) but more importantly use your recipes and consumables to craft and enchant your very own blockchain Early Adopter (EA) items. You will be amazed by this experience we promise.

We want you to sink your teeth as much as possible into crafting, enchanting and boss-fighting. This way, we can make it even better for the final release and the next development milestones for our game.

If you have any questions or you want to discuss these exciting developments with us, head over to our Discord, Telegram, or Twitter.

We’re bringing Blockchain Gaming to life. Together.

By gamers for gamers, we seek to provide a real game that doesn’t rely on monetizing the well-hyped interest about blockchain but instead aims to offer a brand-new, “gaming first”, blockchain-powered experience.

We’re excited to get started! Thank you for being part of this journey!

About The Six Dragons

The Six Dragon is the first Open World RPG built on Ethereum Blockchain. The game features a huge open world of 64km2, 1 billion dungeons, real-time blockchain crafting, enchanting and a huge decentralized game economy.

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