Announcing The Six Dragons Founder Tokens

Announcing The Six Dragons Founder Tokens

It’s time! The Six Dragons Multiverse Founder’s Token (MFT) and Special Founder’s Token (SFT) will be available soon.

The vision of The Six Dragons is to become one of the best PC/Console games which implement the Enjin platform, the leading blockchain gaming platform available today. That is also the main driver for us to decide working exclusively with Enjin in the first place.

The founder tokens are not simple game items for us, it’s a symbol for our first true supporters, and we want to make sure that future rewards will end up at the right place. Hence, we will make sure that our true supporters will have a fair chance to get one and that is why the MFT will not be sold directly, but remain free and be given through selected giveaways, competitions, and other events that will occur as we are getting closer to the game release. As for the SFT, we will announce more info at a later time.

In line with our ambitious plans and innovative ideas that the game has already introduced to the Enjin gaming ecosystem, getting one MFT from The Six Dragons won’t be easy. However, this is the only way to give a fair chance to this vibrant community and at the same time offer some true benefits to the founder token holders.

More specific details about the two tokens and the benefits of each will be announced soon. These will include from in-game airdrops, early access to the game and an active role in the development of the game up to the chance to drastically improve the value of your in-game items.

Your first chance of getting a Multiverse Founder Token will be announced soon. The first batch of the tokens will be given out in a big giveaway event in our telegram channel. Don’t worry, we won’t only reward the quickest to fill out a form, but you definitely need to keep an eye on our Telegram.

As for the Pre-sale that many of you ask? Many people say “A picture is worth a thousand words”, or even 10 thousand 😉

About The Six Dragons

The Six Dragon is the first Open World RPG built on Ethereum Blockchain. The game features a huge open world of 64km2, 1 billion dungeons, real-time blockchain crafting, enchanting and a huge decentralized game economy.

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