Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

•  ​​Top contributorsrewards will be sent to winners 20-40 days after the campaign finishes.
 Participation in the pre-sale, according to the present Terms and Conditions, occurs at the stage where an order for the NFT token(s) is placed.  
​​By participating in this presale, you agree to contribute towards the games development and agree that BlockPegnio Ltd. does not guarantee any financial gains from this participation.  
 BlockPegnio Ltd commits to make its best efforts to issue the top contributors’ NFTs by the estimated delivery date. However, only participate at your own risk.
​​ Due to the nature of this presale, we cannot control who participates and from which region. Therefore, we encourage US citizens to solely participate in the pre-sale if they have an understanding of the nature of these NFTs, mainly of the fact that they can be used for utility purposes only.
​​ All Governance NFTs will be distributed in no particular order, and all 1155 Governance NFTs have the same equal utilization.
​​ Addresses that bought from and count towards the top contributors are: 0xCEb911dC041f8cEEaFeEcdE3D24B6cF1962dFf12, 0xceb911dc041f8ceeafeecde3d24b6cf1962dff12, 0xfe2Cd94532Bd0c14167EF05E06121D77aaDd82E1
​​You need to hold the NFTs to be counted towards the contribution rewards
​​Exploiting the reward system will get you disqualified from any rewards. BlockPegnio Ltd. can and will examine Top Contributors to ensure no exploit has been made, and take action if needed.
​​ Through participation in this presale we automatically assume you agree with these terms.