Blockchain Enchanting/Crafting & Loot Pool in The Six Dragons

+3 Enchanted Gloves of Honor

Blockchain Enchanting/Crafting & Loot Pool in The Six Dragons

Decentralized blockchain gaming means that as a player you need to contribute to shaping the game but also earn from it. The vision of The Six Dragons is that at one point the community will run all the blockchain market with merchants, workers, service offering, etc.

We would like to introduce Enchanting and Crafting and explain how the loot pool will work.


+3 Enchanted Gloves of Honor

Enchanting is the process of leveling up an item by using Enchant Scrolls. Enchanted items have increased stats and Enjin backing.

There are 3 types of scrolls: Enchant Scroll, Eternal Enchant Scroll, and Blessed Enchant Scroll and they have a chance of 66%, 80%, and 100% respectively to enchant(level up) your Item. The maximum level of Enchanting will be 10 and if you fail an enchant, the Item will return at 0. That means, by farming scrolls in-game you can increase the strength and value of your blockchain items by enchanting them.

More rare scrolls available that enchant the attributes of a weapon (only available in weapons), like Fire Scroll and Thunder Scroll, which are very rare to find and can be used once for each weapon, and have 100% success rate.

+3 Enchanted Gloves of Honor

Later on, an enchanter profession will be introduced, that the players will be able to offer enchanting services for specific enchants/increased Enjin backing/removal to other players for a fee.


+3 Enchanted Gloves of Honor

In The Six Dragons, you can craft blockchain items by finding blockchain materials and combining them with other in-game items and acquire a blockchain item as a result. You will need to learn a recipe, 5 blockchain materials (Essences for Weapons, Skins for Armor, Gems for Jewels), plus all the wood/metal/leather/patterns from in-game farming that the recipe will ask you. Each craft will have a critical chance, that will make your item one rarity higher than it is, ex. if you have Azurewrath Sword Recipe (Epic) and you hit a critical craft, you will acquire Azurewrath Sword — Legendary

+3 Enchanted Gloves of Honor

In the future, we will introduce the blacksmith profession, that a player will be able to learn a recipe forever and offer crafting services to other players for a fee.

Loot Pool

A blockchain loot pool will be created for the needs of in-game activities. For example, when successfully enchanting a weapon the enchant scroll along with your pre-enchanted item will be sent to the pool and the pool will create a new improved weapon and send it your way, which will also have a bigger Enjin backing (scroll+old weapon+other consumables). The same goes for crafting, the materials are sent to the pool and the pool creates the item and sends it to your wallet. Your old consumables/materials and items will be used to replenish the pool as new drops or in-game activities.

The pool will be replenished from player activities described above, and the developer will only increase the supply if needed and only once per month by calculating if the active player base has been increased, to meet the demand, but always keep the rarity of the items intact. Small fees will be implemented on blockchain activities of the players to keep the pool status healthy and the creation of new consumables/items.

About The Six Dragons

The Six Dragon is the first Open World RPG built on Ethereum Blockchain. The game features a huge open world of 64km2, 1 billion dungeons, real-time blockchain crafting, enchanting and a huge decentralized game economy.

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